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Our pickleball clinics are very popular for both new to the sport and advanced players looking to improve their games. Taught by certified pickleball instructor.

Our leagues are for both members and non-members, and we offer various levels of play.

Junior Pickleball

We have junior academy throughout the year, and we offer a kids summer camp as well!

Congratulations to our Winter League Winners!


There is a 24-hour cancelation policy for all clinics, lessons, and Friday open play.


Beginner Pickleball “Match Play” Clinic 8-9:30am

Advanced Beginner Pickleball "Match Play" Clinic (Level 2) 9:30-11am

Advanced Beg Pickleball "Match Play" Clinic 6p-7:30p

Member/$30, Non-Member/$35

Beginner “Match Play” Clinic
- This clinic is for players who want to build their foundational knowledge and skills, but are
still relatively new to the game. We also focus on continued learning and enforcement of the rules
and scoring. We use drills and games to learn the bas
ics of the game.

Advanced Beginner “Match Play” Clinic (Level 2)
*Need instructor approval for this clinic
- The Advanced Beginner clinic teaches you to be a more strategic player. You’ll gain a
greater ability to force your opponents to make a mistake by learning how to hit un-attackable shots
and by developing a third shot drop. You’ll also improve your finesse game at the kitchen, aka
“winner’s line” and learn how to effectively use the block volley. Plus, we will teach you advanced
doubles play strategies while giving you constructive in-game coaching advice.



Beginner PB Skills 11-12:30pm


Beginner PB Skills

- In this Beginner skills clinic we cover the fundamentals of the dink, serve, return, and the volley. We effectively learn to keep score, the rules and basic game play. At the end of this clinic, players will have the foundational knowledge and skills to start playing Pickleball.

​Member/$30, Non-Member/$35


Advanced Beg "Match Play" Clinic (Level 1) 8-9:30am

Intermediate "Match Play" Clinic 9:30-11am

Member/$30, Non-Member/$35

Advanced Beginner “Match Play” Clinic (Level 1)
- The Advanced Beginner clinic Level 1 will begin to touch on the next level of play. We use
drilling to learn with good technique to hit certain shots needed to up the level of your game. Players
will begin to learn when to hit different shots, beginner strategies and improve on becoming a more
skillful player. We’ll also improve your court positioning and the beginnings of how to outsmart your

Intermediate “Match Play” Clinic

-This clinic is specific to a higher level pickleball play. Players must have played in a pickleball league, played in tournaments or have a minimum player rating of 3.0 or higher.


Open Play 12p-2p

This weekly open play is open to members and non-members and is overseen by an instructor. All levels are welcome! There is a maximum of 20 people each week, and you must call to reserve a spot.

$15 for PVE Residents, $20 for Non-PVE Residents, and free for PVTC Members.


Member Only Open Play 9:30-11:30am

Member/$30, Non-Member/$35

If you are interested in signing up for a clinic or open play, please contact our Front Desk at (310) 373-6326.


Approximate 2024 League Dates

Winter League: Jan 22-Mar 18

Spring League: Apr 22-Jun 17

Summer League: Jul 8-Aug 26

Fall League: Sep 23-Nov 18

Times/ Divisions

Registration is now closed for Spring Season.

WMN 3.0: Tue 1-3pm

MXD 3.0: Fri 7-9pm

WMN 3.5: Mon 1-3pm

MXD 3.5: Tue 7-9pm

MENS 3.5+: Wed 7-9pm

WMN 4.0: Mon 7-9pm

MXD 4.0: Thurs 7-9pm



Each team shall have a minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 10 rostered players (A minimum of 4 players and a maximum of 6 players may be at each game). Only rostered players may play. A player must play at least one time before playoffs begin. 
A player can only captain one team, in one skill level at a time.
A player can captain one skill level in each league type in a season. 

We will take individual players and help them find a team. Please call the front desk to put your name on the list.

Players may only play in one skill level. Non-Members are welcome!
Cost: $400/team; $350 for a full PVTC member roster 
Register with the front desk at (310) 373-6326. League fee is due at time of registration to confirm your spot. Full rosters and any new player IDs/waivers can be emailed to and
A copy of a valid photo ID and signed waiver form is required for new players and teams. 
Electronic submission is encouraged. Only rostered players are allowed to compete in gameplay. Players must not play at a lower skill level than what they’re rated. 
Once teams are registered, there will be a zoom meeting with all captains. Also, an official league rules sheet will be sent out to all captains once officially registered. 
Parking is limited, carpooling is highly encouraged. There is additional parking on parts of Via Campesina or in the lower level lot at the Church of Christian Science. 
*For reference here is a basic metric for division levels.
2.5 Skill level = Beginner/Novice
3.0 Skill level = Intermediate
3.5 Skill level = Advanced Intermediate
4.0 Skill level = Advanced 
More skill level information can be found at


Thursdays 4p-5:30p

Ages 7+

Pickleball Academy Packages

1 day/week- $150 (Member) or $180 (Non-Member) per month

Drop-in- $45 (Member) or $55 (Non-Member) per class

Contact our Front Desk at 310-373-6326 to sign-up!

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